Caged Birds

Envision these prisons and say to me
we’ve hooked the right crooks
Who collars the white collars?
I see all dark faces, dismal, forever branded criminal

Our animals are kept in cages
The wild ones, hunted, gathered as slaves and slaughters
Where the cage bird sings, that’s where I’ll be
singing/screaming. louder than when a free man

Are we not so different? How do you take your punishment?
You never broke, just a little bit…a tiny piece of the law?
But you didn’t get caught, well they just turned the lock
on one more petty offender, and do we feel any safer?

Now let’s raise those fences, for crime is always offensive
Dare not trust your neighbor, and probably oughta build a shelter
then descend, with safety’s amenities:
your father’s rifles, and enough ammo for alamo

…cuz here they come! they’ve broken through!

As our cages overflow, I wonder
who plants the parameters of forgiveness?
“If he’s in prison it’s because he deserves it.
You best take that up with the parole board”
Its so easy to ignore what we can’t see
lock ‘em up, lock ‘em up, lock ‘em up…