Consider us dead

We missed our chance.
to end it cleanly, beneath the Mississippi
just leapt and slept under currents through this pain
this race is over, oh but for the last leg
Poison or immolation? Consider us dead

What did we see in the swamps of Dupuy?
Statues and reapers, slipping us winks
They love the highs
but much more the lows, and we’re so close

What did you say, standing in the rain?
I told you I loved you, you said fuck me
That’s something that stayed, and I can’t make escape
I’ll hold the scythe but, consider us dead

And there’s no way to save these souls
I don’t even think I’d want to
Save the last waltz for lovers’ ghosts
and get buried with me

What did you say? Pass me that blade?
You promised us coffins by New Year’s Day
I dug the graves, shallow and straight
With wood that’s so soft and riddled with leaks

Worms will feed. WE WILL SINK
And make our way through the delta, past the last beach
To drown our bones in the gulf, cleanse and rescind them
Through virgin currents back to shores of new England

Chorus x 2

I’ll see you ashore dear, consider us dead
Was that mine or yours dear? Consider us dead…