El Pueblo

Well here we sit with nothing in our hands
our views are few, our haunches in command
and you, you knew, this struggle was a fluke
but we, we need something to just believe
and now we’ve seen the greed, it’s worse than we’d conceived
when to, when to, admit defeat and leave?

Our necks, they hurt, from turning heads away
our eyes, they burn, from piercing cathode rays
Away! Away! away with the TV
we’ve seen the screen bring lies, complacency
and now let’s halt the talks, the politician’s waltz
so real, so wrong, and still we follow on

escuchan, personas…there’s nothing to steer
there is no salvation…we’re beyond repair

El Pueblo! Unido! Jamas Sera Vencido!

We’re here, we’re few, and this is our lament
where is the stand, when we have lost again?
to what, to what? to tear it all apart
we won’t, we won’t, a coward lives at home
and yes you know it’s so, we’ve seen it all before
the worst is true, we’re living with the proof

Our hands, they shake, from fears we’ve grown to need
our tongues, they spit, a rhetoric of blame
Away! Away! with this civility
a grave mistake, now runs the company
and we must alter thoughts, the jester’s dollar jaunt
so real, so wrong, and still we follow on

escuchan, personas, a whisper? arise??
I’ll never stop fighting…We all choose a side