Roadside to rot
~lyrics by John Grimaldi

Sure, sometimes it’d be easier to pack it up and haul it away
Find another corner of the globe where no one knows your face
Someplace you can try new eyes on
Because this bounty has been plundered, raided, left roadside to rot
Clusters of debris have been scattered, carried off by blustery weather
No signs of life…just a torn umbrella

Might get dizzy, don’t look down
Faint-hearted balance is shaky at best
The signs up ahead all forecast desolate arteries
Just give it a rest

No we can’t carry on like this, there’s no chance we’ll survive
Another winter is coming: empty threats, least wanted lists
What ever happened to the fruits of our labor?
Never knew just how heavy these Italian shoes could be
I’m starting to understand why the long ride out to sea
Please kiss my family for me

I ain’t got no problems gunnin’ down extinction
With a shit-eating grin and a bottle of well-aged poison
If I felt all this was for something, but until then
I concede tonight with the sharpening of this dull life

These days turn into months, each month lasts an infinite year
You know I’m in no rush, but there’s rust deteriorating these gears
And these old souls ain’t got no heart to tell us to turn back now
So it carries on with a slow burn, branding us to the words we once vowed