the Ghost of a Cowboy

I heard tell and tale from folks round here
Of the truest troubadour who’s ever dared
Left home decades ago, with 6 strings for the rodeo
…and he’s still on the road

A birth into depression, dust storms and famine
He took to wanderin before prohibition
With a man by name of Guthrie, thought maybe they’d get lucky
Went all those ways, and now the ghost of a cowboy takes the stage

Where is this man in his place?
and Woody would have been a hundred today
Wilting away, taking the stage

And now I just got off the goddamn interstate, at a place called Mississippi
to take ‘er back with Jack, at a barroom from the past
A quiet sort of place, with white folks turnin grey
They got the seats pretty cheap, as the ghost of a cowboy takes the stage


For 60 goddamn years, strumming just like this
The songs were old back then, now they’re all but dead
He stumbles through the words, with stories more than song
Just doin what he knows, and just ramblin on