the Passing of a Cove Boy

They’ve come such a long way
They’ve come to bury you today
And you can’t speak to say thanks

Old boys and young men gathered
Remembering 36 years with you
And being thankful for every day

You were everyone’s favorite
The one I always looked for in myself
Raise a glass for the passing of a Cove Boy
Take a bit of him to live on, in yourself

I wheeled our grandmother
to her husband’s plot to place you
You know he died too young too

So many of your friends, so many
and so close, cuz that’s how they come
when you come from the Cove

Now as I ride my bike around the old Cove School tonight
I think about the line between free and lost
You were my blood, you blazed the trail for me
Paul bearing is a job that costs the most