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Old Grudges

This EP was recorded some years ago by Derron Nuhffer and Addison Burns at Sarlaac Studios in Gainesville, FL. A few months afterward, the tracks made their way over to Var Thelin and the boys at No Idea Records and they asked us if they could release it as a 7-inch. We said sure, titled it, got our buddy Kaz to throw together some artwork, and before we knew it the band had broken up. Damn shame but so it goes. Needless to say, No Idea shelved the project for lack of a band and since it was never released I decided to go ahead and put the songs up here, because, after all, sharing is caring.


John Grimaldi - vocals/guitar
Stuart Fensom - guitar/vocals
Capt. Farrell - bass/vocals
Chris Jordan - drums


Self Titled

This band had been together in various forms before I rained on their parade for about a year in like 2010-2011. We played a bunch of shows, mainly in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and had a hell of a time. Then I left sort of abruptly and travelled a couple thousand miles west. I hope they aren't mad at me. These songs were recorded in the basement of Donald's parents house (Donald's parents are fucking awesome) and basically involved the five of us scattered around a pretty frail condenser microphone, knocking 'em out in one take. We recorded a few more songs but I didn't include them cuz I didn't write the lyrics or the music or even play on 'em really. However, those guys are still doing it, and doing it well. You can check them out HERE.

Members (on this recording):

Donald Pallardy - accordian, harmonica, autoharp, banjo
Mike Arsenault - percussion, chains, bass, vocals, guitar
Jacob Wysoski - banjo, tin whistle, fiddle, guitar, vocals
Stuart Fensom - vocals, guitar, beer can percussion
Becca Vogt - spoons, vocals